VR Model Tents


CD Carpas & Tarimas offers the sale and rental of  wood tents. We custom projects tailored to their needs. See measures of tents available.

CD Carpas has designed and manufactured an exclusive tent for rent or sale where both a wedding fair, VIP lounge, business convention or reception can create a lavish environment, where luxury and comfort are present, resulting in a spectacular tent, personal and comfortable.
Our logistics center is located in Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona), allowing us great flexibility and effectiveness in times rececpción and mounting their tent or tents.
Our tents are composed of a self-supporting laminated beam and anodized aluminum on canvas conbinada best quality PVC tensioned modular pipeline being built into the structure getting a great flow of waters.
Structure varnished laminated spruce girder with a fire resistance per minute 0.7 mm -42 mm / hour, according to the European standard ENV Standard 01/02/1995, for joining beams used components (hardware and ceiling) stainless steel. Base support galvanized steel tent.
The structure is certified on the CTS standard and European standards as report No. 07/32305988 by LGAI on 21/12/2007
The canvas is classified M2, thus fulfilling the criteria requested by the CYE, SI DB 6.4.2., As well as EN 15619. The cover has no risk of collapse.
The tents have zippered enclosure curtains for better attachment.
Colours available for rent: vanilla and black.

C/ Eduard Calvet i Pintó, 13. 08339 Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona · Tel. 93 753 99 33 · E-mail: cdcarpas@cdcarpas.es

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